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Welcome to our Website. We are not your average security company — not even close!

I spent twenty five (25) years in law enforcement before retiring from the Palm Beach Police Department in 2006. My passion in law enforcement was leading, developing, and training specialized teams.

I have over twenty (20) years experience as a member of the Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT). I spent my last twelve years in law enforcement as the Team’s leader.

In addition, I led the Police Department’s elite “Burglary Strike Force”, and the “Underwater Search and Recovery Team”. I personally selected and trained all members of these teams. I received well in excess of 100 awards and commendations, to include medals for heroism and lifesaving.

I founded Tactical Security Consultants in 2007. I continued my passion for leading and develping teams, and currently provide executive protection, uniformed security, and discreet investigative services for a select group of clients on the Island of Palm Beach, as well as throughout Palm Beach county and South Florida.

I take pride in providing the highest quality of service to my clients. There are no middle men or partners involved. I deal with my clients directly. l select and train all protection personnel and investigators myself.

The majority of security officers in Florida are under-trained and poorly compensated. Many are more of a liability than an asset. I do not deal with security officers at this level or try to compete with the companies that provide this level of “protection”.

I pay my officers and investigators a salary that rewards them for their experience, training, work ethic, and moral character. My leadership fosters an atmosphere of teamwork that does not exist among competing security companies.

Tactical Security Consultants Inc., maintains close contact with our many friends in local law enforcement. These agencies include the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the West Palm Beach Police Department, and the Town of Palm Beach Police Department.

I am a Florida licensed and insured investigative and security agency. I provide a wide range of discreet investigative services that include employee and contractor background checks. I provide executive/close protection officers, drivers, and armed uniform security.

I am confident that Tactical Security Consultants will provide you with security personnel that you can be proud of.

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